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Middle east operations in UAE and Iraq. Local teams supporting our clients 24/7

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MEO and GEO VSAT Systems

Iraq TAC and UAE NOC for 24/7 support



DEFAULTROUTE are a telecommunications and network data systems integrator
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LAN infrastructure , structured cabling, Wi-Fi and campus-wide Microwave
By incorporating the entire portfolio of standard works for camp services Defaultroute are ideally positioned to become a single source provider. We have been engaged a number of times to offer upgrades to pre-existing infrastructure which became the basis for our growth and capability. Now we are asked regularly to audit new camps and facilities as well as to help and support incumbent IT teams to offer assistance and support.
Our physical engineering from trenching and earth works for fibre ducting to cable-traying for UTP runs is all standards based and fully guaranteed. LAN services including point to multipoint microwave or Wi-Fi bridging and meshing are all undertaken with the same due care to quality from choosing the right equipment to installation, configuration and support.
As a knowledge-centric business we don’t outsource our intellectual services at all. The provisioning of the LAN data plane to include the network switching equipment, the carrier/transit mechanism (whether wired or wireless), the routing and security of the flow are all undertaken by us.
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Using only Juniper, Cisco, Palo Alto and Opengear network hardware with HP compute/storage
The datacenter is a well known and understood requirement for the contemporary data driven company. Defaultroute has invested in space at four Tier-3 datacenter in Europe. At each DC we have developed our platform using Cisco, Juniper and Palo Alto hardware.
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Operating from our own PoPs allows us to control and secure the end-to-end data transit and storage for our customers. If you needed data storage, security, MPLS or just plain Internet (IPv4 and IPv6) we have capacity for your hardware and service requirements.
The reliable transit of data is a key requirement for any serious network data client. We’ve invested heavily into providing for reliability at each of our PoP’s. With an N+2 service provision to core IP transit we enjoy the highest availability and uptime which we pass on to our clients.
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Check out our BGP looking glass tools for a closer view of our routing capability. As well as peering with three of the top 5 global Tier-1 ISP’s we are also LINX members in the London exchange.
With a completely un-contended service the Defaultroute IP transit backbone can deliver high capacity and low latency reliable Internet and Private MPLS transit to our customers.
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Full Cisco CallManager UCCX Backend
Defaultroute has a VoIP system offering a reliable and capable platform for our business customers. We only chose Tier-1 upstream VoIP providers and now offer our customers the highest levels of uptime and availability with low call costs. We support call centres making 200k calls a month and SME’s making dozens of calls a day but the service they use is the same.
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We are delivering the same quality product over the same un-contended quality platform. At the core of the service is a fully redundant Cisco CallManager platform running on the latest UCS servers. The peering is done using Cisco CUBE and we also support Asterisk and SIP based trunking. Realtime billing reporting is available as well as monthly billing and service pre-payment.
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We only use Cisco and HP hardware in our network to support the voice operations. Cisco CUBE and UCCX working alongside our in-house SIP based environment.
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Qualified O3b installation team
Through 2015 our O3b engineering team (photo above) were trained by O3b at the O3b training facility in the USA as well as the UAE. As a result of our qualified team and experience Defaultroute has been contracted to install to commission two of the three currently operational O3b systems in Iraq (correct as of March 2016).
Our first install made at IEC was completed in September of 2015 and is now operated by the Petronor Group. The IEC install just outside of Burgesia, Iraq was a fully redundant 3-dish array with a full Cisco Nexus/ASR backend and was installed over a 6 month period between May and September 2015. To be clear, the 6 month project include all civil engineering, concrete clockwork, trenching, electrical and cable work, physical install and security. The second was a 2-dish array operated by MEOSAT out of the UNAOIL Camp. In the case of MEOSAT a full overhaul of an incumbent system was required due to a strategic move. The design of the first iteration was replicated somewhat by placing the array onto steel ISO containers and yet included much needed health and safety improvements as well as structural integrity measures to ensure stability during high winds.
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Our partnership agreements speak for themselves. The confidence and support shown to Defaultroute by sector leading companies such as MEOSAT and Airbus is testament to our professionalism and service delivery. Pushing technological developments forward in new ways to delver value to our customers sets us apart from the other ‘cookie cutter’ companies churning out the same old satellite based services.
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One of our VSAT installations
If you have a requirement for fixed or mobile rig based VSAT services in Iraq then we have the ground team to support you and the back-office to react with the best service levels. With a 24/7 in-country service desk we can respond to any site fault with an onsite response. We also proactively monitor, measure and triage services as part of a continually improving platform for your business.
If you have a requirement for fixed or mobile rig based VSAT services in Iraq then we have the ground team to support you and the back-office to react with the best service levels. With a 24/7 in-country service desk we can respond to any site fault with an onsite response. We also proactively monitor, measure and triage services as part of a continually improving platform for your business.
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As a cornerstone technology our offering and certainly our service delivery of a VSAT product is at the heart of our platform. Our in-field VSAT engineering team hold in excess of 25 years experience. Delivering high quality VSAT in austere areas such as Iraq, Algeria and Afghanistan. We only use market leading hardware at our VSAT terminals to support our high standards of service. We create reliable and capable IP driven remote communication services. With Tier-1 European based backhaul and Internet provision you are guaranteed the highest level of service uptime as well as performance.
Working as partners, consultants, contractors and employees we have installed, commissioned and supported VSAT services for BP, Unaoil, Petrofac, Petronas and KBR to name a few. Our team were the engineers behind both LOGCAP IV and ROO Iraq VSAT design and initial provisioning between 2012 and 2014. In 2015 our team was accredited as O3b engineers and as of Feb 2016 our engineers have built, installed and configured two out of the three operational O3b ground stations in Iraq.
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As a JV with Marlink/Airbus, Defaultroute played a key role in the build and maintenance of the VSAT services for a major defence contract north of Baghdad. Our team delivered the service in good time and were praised for their diligence and hard work. The two installations for a 2.4 and 3.7M antenna plus Ku/C-band service operating a combined bandwidth of more than 100Mbps for the purposes of stable data communications.
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