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empowered communications

Delivering integrated “cloud-ready” unified data networks across Europe, Africa and the Middle East

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Data Networks built by experts
We’re an Internet Service Provider and Service Integrator. Since 2011, we’ve created and deployed IP networks across the EMEA region. With data transit from the UK, Germany, Greece and the UAE we have peering with 4 of the global top 5 ISPs and IXPs.
Zero Contention Network
As an operator we never wanted to hear about contention, throttling, caching or whatever. If our client contracts to receive 100Mbps then they receive 100Mbps. There are no ratios, there are no brown outs. We operate a zero contention bandwidth policy. Period.
Fault Tolerance
We have years of experience deploying redundant network topologies and services. We have developed WAN services to include highly integrate terrestrial and satellite data carriers as well as enable SD-WAN and NFV across a number of enterprise customers.